About Internet Health Report

The Internet Health Report helps network operators to monitor network conditions. Network performance data is collected with RIPE Atlas and BGPstream. and analyzed with a set of tools pinpointing delay changes, forwarding anomalies, network disconnections and routing changes.

How do I get my network monitored?

Delay changes, forwarding anomalies, network disconnections
The data we analyze is collected with RIPE Atlas. Networks observed in the builtin and anchoring measurements are likely to appear in the delay change and forwarding anomaly reports. And networks hosting more than 10 public probes appear in the network disconnection reports. The best way to ensure that your network is monitored is to host an anchor (delay changes, forwarding anomalies) and at least 10 probes (network disconnection).

Routing changes We use BGP data to monitor Internet routing infrastructure. If your AS is publicly advertising IP space then it should be already monitored by our system.

What the graphs mean?

Each graph represents a different aspect of network conditions, we provide documentation for each of them:

How it works?

We have several research papers describing our monitoring techniques:

Citation policy

If you publish material using data from the Internet Health Report, then, help others to obtain the same data sets and replicate your experiments by citing of the above papers.

Open source

Our implementations are also publicly available on github: